Special Report at 10: Law Enforcement Works to Keep Russian Drug Out of Arkansas

It's known as the zombie drug or the flesh-eating drug and its quickly becoming a popular replacement for heroin.

Although there is not a confirmed case of Krokodil in the United States, this Russian concotion is starting to gain the attention of our local law enforcement.

The results of Krokodil use looks like skin literally falling of the body.

The drug is a mixture of codeine and household items like paint thinner or gasoline.

It is extremely addictive and is very cheap.

Recently, Lt.  Jim Potter from the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office attended training on Krokodil.

"Something in one to three years it's not going to make you better, it's going to make you deader, so let's look at that from Day 1," he said. "The class that we got was 'Let's get in front of it, let's get what we can.' Hopefully it's not something that comes across to the states.'"

Friday night after the Olympics in a KARK 4 special report, we will dive deeper into Krokodil, including the honest opinon of man who has used and sold drugs for the past three decades.

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