Sound Insulation


Product Description
Sound control batts like Johns Manville?s ComfortTherm? are polywrapped encapsulated fiberglass designed for reducing sound transmission through interior walls or floors. Because sound control performance depends on insulation thickness, not density, the ComfortTherm Sound Control Batts are 3 1/2" thick, made to fill standard 2'x4' wood frame cavities.

ComfortTherm Sound Control Batts significantly reduce unwanted sound transmission from appliances, TVs, stereos and ventilation systems when installed in standard interior wood frame cavities. Since ComfortTherm Sound Control Batts are designed for use inside interior walls and floors, they are perforated and do not perform as a vapor retarder.

Features And Benefits
    * Comfortable installation. The unique poly-wrap greatly reduces itch and dust from airborne fibers.
    * Convenient installation. Batts are pre-cut to fit standard wall sizes. Stapling flanges allow attachment to wood framing. Batts can be cut with a standard utility knife to fit any cavity size. Available in pre-cut 15" wide, 3 1/2" thick batts.
    * Fire-resistant. ComfortTherm is UL classified 25/50 and Class A fire-rated for flame spread characteristics.
    * Tougher. The poly-facing and triple-reinforced stapling flanges are more tear resistant than kraft paper.
    * Low environmental impact. ComfortTherm's content is independently certified by Scientific Certification Systems to contain at least 25% recycled glass.
    * Breathable. Poly-Wrapped encapsulation facings on this product are perforated on all sides to allow moisture to escape.

Technical Specifications
Technical specifications as shown in this literature are intended to be used as general guidelines only. The physical properties of Johns Manville products referred to in this sheet represent typical average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and are subject to normal manufacturing variations. They are supplied as a technical service and are subject to change without notice. Check with your Johns Manville representative to assure current information.

ComfortTherm is classified as ASTM C 665, Type II, Class A, and achieves an ASTM E 84 fire hazard classification 25/50. Check your local building codes to make sure your project is in compliance.

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