Shots Ring out at Murray Park in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Little Rock Police Department is investigating a shooting at Murray Park. 

The gunshots rang out on Sunday, and could have been a case of road rage, according to police.

The victim, whose car was hit by a bullet, wanted to stay anonymous.

"Yeah I was scared, my heart beating, I was sweating," he says. 

"It sounded like 6 or 7 gunshots off in the distance, and my first thought was I want to leave, I wanna get out of here as soon as possible," said Elizabeth Taylor who was at Murray Park on Sunday with friends.

The victim told us how the situation started, "As I was getting ready to leave the park, there was a car trying to go around me and I didn't see him, so eventually I pulled out and he pulled out and I hit his back door and as I got ready to pull over, I see the guy in the back seat up with a gun and that's when I pulled off."

He said he acted quickly, "They are shooting at me, that's when I hit the gas even harder and went around a couple of cars."

Taylor was back at Murray Park on Monday, but she said Sunday's shooting was still easy to remember, "It's incredibly scary because if we had been down on that side or anywhere near it, you know, we could have ended up getting shot, and just been an innocent bystander."

Both the victim and Taylor said they may change when they visit Murray Park.

Taylor said, "I probably wouldn't come back down on a Sunday when there are as many people as there are on Sundays."

The victim added, "I don't wanna go back out there really."

But both agreed safety is not a concern at Murray Park.

Taylor said, "I still feel safe at Murray."

The victim added, "It's still safe. Just because one person messed it up doesn't mean that's going to stop everybody from having fun."

No one was hurt on Sunday, and police are still investigating this case.

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