Safety Matters: Training Video Educates Students on Emergency Situations

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - The University of Arkansas, taking steps to prepare its students for the worst.

University of Arkansas Police Department (UAPD) and the Department of Student Affairs teaming up to create a realistic video of an active shooting situation on campus.

It's designed to teach students, faculty and staff what to do in that emergency situation.

Because safety matters Photojournalist Erin Gilleece takes us inside the training.

Just hearing the blank gun shots go off. It's crazy, my heart jumps every time.

We are working with the UAPD for an active shooter video for training purposes on how to react if something like this were to occur on campus.

"We've been talking about this for quite awhile and unfortunately in the world we live in this is a reality that we have to plan for," says Captain Matt Mills of UAPD.

If we are going to plan for that we want to help people understand exactly what they should do to protect themselves and others around them. The words we use avoid, deny, and defend.

If you can avoid the situation we want to to run we ask you to deny, barricade the door, push anything in front of the door we can we want to have a plan in place if the bad guy comes in our room we can defend ourselves

I hope people will watch the video and know exactly what they need to do when the reaction they have will be the reaction that's needed.

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