Safety Matters: Thieves Stealing Wheels and Tires in LR

LITTLE ROCK, AR - "Disbelief in the beginning," says William Judge.

It happened some time between midnight and four in the morning on Wednesday.

"The whole time while traffic's still passing by."

William Judge got to his Little Rock home that morning from the hospital with his pregnant wife to find this.

"It's like wow, did this just happen to me."

It's unnatural to see, his truck propped on one side with a jack and the other, William's own concrete blocks from his back yard.

His 26-inch rims and tires, stolen. They were paid off, his and no one else's but they're likely never to be seen again.

"Once they're gone, usually they're gone," explains Michelle Hill.

Officer Hill with the Little Rock Police Department says three other cases just like William's have happened in Little Rock recently.

In fact these pictures from around town show the same circumstances, this one two days ago.

But there are ways to try and keep this from happening.

"Wheel locks. Very inexpensive but a great way to prevent your vehicle from this happening," says Officer Hill.

William didn't have locking lug nuts but has taken steps to keep anything else from happening.

"I added just a little bit of security to my house. Added extra lighting to the house and cut back some of the foliage that you see here," explains William.

He hopes having it more wide open will allow someone to see something out of the ordinary, like someone stealing the rims and tires off his truck.

"If something doesn't look right, it's probably not right."

And just parking in a well lit spot may help.

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