Rally Plans to Protest at Mexican Consulate in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, AR - As one of the hottest debates continues in Washington D.C., a local man is hosting a motorcycle rally to protest immigration reform.  

Saturday riders will meet at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock for the “Riding in Little Rock” rally.  They will ride to the Mexican Consulate before wrapping up at the Arkansas State Capital Building.  It's all about of the National Day of Protest Against Immigration Reform.

Colin Wetherelt, the rally organizer said, "Nothing gets your attention like a low rumble heading your way, getting louder all the time."

"People are responding; people are upset; people want an answer to a question.
The question is what is our state government doing to protect our children, our grand children, from the growing threat posed by the failure of the federal government to secure our southern borders."

When asked why protest at the consulate, he said, "So we are going with a simple statement, shut your borders, that's all."

The Mexican Consulate issued a statement saying:

"We do not approve nor promote illegal immigration which in our opinion, is the direct consequence of the inaction of Congress to approve a Comprehensive Immigration Reform as way out of the actual dysfunctional immigration system and to better serve the present  and future needs of the United States in terms of labor, economy expansion, and population growth, among other. Immigration enforcement without immigration reform is an economic dead-end."

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