Questions Surface on Storm Debris Removal

- MAYFLOWER, AR -- In Mayflower, they're saying they could've removed tons of debris today but there was one problem, the county landfill shut hours earlier than expected.

Sunday's tornado hit nearly every house on Dam Road in Mayflower.

With so many homes destroyed, people are lost.

One woman showed us where she and her husband sleep in a moving van.

That's why rebuilding is so important in that neighborhood.

Tommy Wright said, "We've got heavy equipment out here as you can see."

But something is standing in the way.

Wright said, "And now we're almost at a standstill because we can't dump it anywhere."

Officials said the Faulkner County dump would be open until 3:30 today, but folks say it closed at noon instead.

Volunteer Nicki Darter said, "These people are going to have to sit and stare at their house in ruins when we have everything we need right here to let them get it out of here and start over."

Volunteers helping with the cleanup say a private dump site -- in Mayflower -- stayed open until 4:00 but charged $135 a load, when they say the county only charges $30.

Storm victims we talked to say they hope the county will make some changes so they can begin piecing their lives back together.

Darter said, "If you want to come together and help the community then come together and help them."

Keep in mind people can't burn debris either, so dump sites are crucial.

County and cities plan to work together to help clear up some of the debris, but with miles and miles of piles, it could take weeks.

We did talk to a county spokesman and he's confused by all this too and he's trying to get some answers for us.

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