One AR Group Working for Stricter Drunk Driving Laws

LITTLE ROCK, AR - One Arkansas group is working with the state law to get stricter laws when it comes to drunk drivers.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) want every first time DWI offender to have an "Ignition Interlock Device" installed in their car.

It's like a breathalyzer, you blow in it to start your car.

The group says taking those steps should prevent people from re-offending.

"Drinking and driving is a choice and you don't get to pick the consequences so this is just a consequence of your action and if that's what it takes it order to save a life of one of my family members or one of your family members, then that's just what it takes," says Tammy Hahn with MADD.

According to MADD states requiring the devices have seen a 30% decrease in DUI related deaths.

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