NLR High School Students Learning Real World Skills

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - Ask Khaluhn Carter, a freshman at North Little Rock High what her favorite class is and she's quick to say,

"Math, I love math," says Carter.

And already knows what career path she wants to take.

"I want to become an obstetrician."

Khaluhn knows not only does she needs math and science skills but also those soft skills.

"A great attitude."

Along with listening, working in a team setting, expressing ideas clearly, you know, those real world skills the right stuff not always taught at school but definitely what employers are looking for now in addition to professional skills.

Christie Toland, Director of College and Career Readiness for the district says this is exactly why real world skills are being taught every day so students will be well rounded in college and on the job.

"Ready for world class is our effort to ensure that North Little Rock School District students are prepared to fill the gaps that exist today in our state and our nation, it's a skill gap that we have," says Toland.

Toland says local business play a huge role in what to teach students.

"Partnerships with our community and North Little Rock is key and what we're working on right now is working with our partners in the community and the businesses that exist in this region to understand what skills they need."

Khaluhn knows honing her craft to be a doctor,

"OK well I've had just a little bit of it."

will take both professional and soft skills to prepare her for her future.

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