Web Extra: She's Back! Mallory Brooks Returns from Maternity Leave

LITTLE ROCK, AR - She's back! Mallory Brooks returned to the set of KARK 4 Today this morning after five months away from the newsdesk.

"Thank you so much for the warm welcome back! It was hard leaving the baby this morning, but the morning crew made the transition easier. Happy to be back!" she posted on Facebook.

Mallory gave birth on May 16 to the first child for she and husband Aaron Brooks. They named their daughter Grace Anne.

For Mallory, who rises at 2 a.m. to begin her work day, it was not easy to leave her little one this morning.

"I was crying and telling her 'It's going to be okay.' She was fine, I wasn't," Mallory says.

Mallory is known for decorating the desks of co-workers on their birthdays. When she returned this morning, her own desk was covered in pastel colored balloons and yellow and white ribbons.

Glad to be back in the newsroom, Mallory says she missed her KARK family as well as the news itself.

"I missed being here. I love news," she says.

On being a new mom, Mallory says the constant care of a newborn was a bigger job than expected at first.

"I'd just get her fed, diapered and put down when it would be time to do it all again," she says.

One of Mallory's favorite times of the day has been snuggling her newborn each morning.

Mallory was on doctor-ordered bed rest for a few months for the health of both mom and baby. She called her doctor's care "amazing" for both she and her little one.

Mallory says husband Aaron is also taking to fatherhood quite well. She thinks their daughter is already a daddy's girl. 

In addition to the love for their child, a bonus to motherhood for Mallory has been seeing the love grow even more between she and her husband.

If you have parenting tips for Mallory, share them on her Facebook page here.

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