Web Extra: Arkansas Mother Watches Daughter's Olympic Dream Come True

MOUNTAIN HOME, AR (KNWA) -- Snow sits beneath a street sign, and the words 'Olympic Drive' stretch across it.

The setting for this story isn't Sochi, Russia.

It's Mountain Home, Arkansas, where a mom is watching her daughter's Olympic drive steer her toward success, at 75 miles an hour with blades under her feet.

"I've told her, regardless of what you do, you've made your goal," Jennifer James says. "You're representing the United States, you're an Olympian."

James says her daughter, 21-year-old Jacqueline Wiles, could ski before she could walk.

Growing up in Portland, Jacqueline started competing at age 5, and nationally, since high school.

"She's driven she's tenacious she's so focused," James says.

Up until just a few weeks ago, Jacqueline was supposed to join her mom, aunt and grandmother in Mountain Home.

"She had round trip tickets to fly to Arkansas on the 27th," James says.

It was Jan. 26 when she received an official Olympic invite, earning a roster spot on the U.S. women's ski team.

"I think we're still just numb with it," says Sherryl Adams, Jacqueline's aunt. "It's just so shocking how quickly it happened."

Her grandmother agrees.

"It's just incredible," says Sandra James, Jacqeuline's grandmother. "Because I knew it was her dream as a little girl."

Since arriving in Sochi, communication between Jacqueline and her mom has been limited to a few phone calls and Facebook.

"That's been just priceless just to feel her voice and her emotion," James says. "I would give my shirt off my back to be there...she said that she wouldn't want to worry about my safety being there."

So for now, evidence of past success hangs in the living room, where the TV will be turned a up a little louder this winter.

"We would watch the Olympics when we were little... like 'Wow, they're superhuman!,'" James says. "My daughter has surprised all of us."

Tyler Thomason reported this story.

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