Web Extra: Arkansas Couple Plays Santa for Missouri Waitress

BRANSON, MO - An Arkansas couple has played Santa Claus for a Missouri waitress.

This past summer, Gary and Roxann Tackett, of Quitman, frequented the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Branson. That's where they got to know waitress Cindi Grady.

During each visit to the restaurant they learned a little more about Cindi, including the fact that she had a disabled son and a barely drivable car that wouldn't last much longer.

After seeing Cindi's car, the Tackett's wanted to either fix it or get her something better to last through the winter months. 

This past weekend, they surprised her after their stop at the restaurant. She described how it happened in the following social media post:
"Today I received the best ever tip, bar none. Group of 6 regulars came in and requested my section and I had a great time waiting on them. When they left they handed me a $20 bill and it was 30% and I was happy. A few minutes later my boss came up to me and told me to let someone deliver what was on my tray and come with her. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what I had done to warrant a conference with management. But she led me not to the office but to the outside where the 6 people I had just waited on were standing. They told me they had seen me come to work all summer in my shabby car and wanted to bless me with a 2008 silver Ford Fusion they had just purchased. This was the nicest gift I have ever gotten and from barely strangers. I'm still shell shocked."

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