Walmart Exec Skewers New York Times Article for False Facts

Published 06/23 2014 12:51PM

Updated 06/23 2014 12:55PM

BENTONVILLE, (KNWA) - The Walmart blog is usually a place for company updates, associate profiles and, more recently, inside coverage of the 2014 Shareholders events.

But on Friday, the site got a bit more serious - taking aim, and a considerable amount of red marker, at an opinion piece published in the New York Times Thursday.

The Times article, written by author Timothy Egan, dissected the economic contributions of Starbucks and Walmart, saying these "global corporate monoliths are poised to do more to affect the huge chasm between the rich and everybody else than anything that’s likely to come out of John Boehner’s House of Representatives."

But Walmart's Corporate Communications Vice President, David Tovar, says the piece was "wildly inaccurate." In a company blog entry called "Fact Check: The New York Times 'The Corporate Daddy'", Tovar references more than a dozen issues he has with the article - including the writers claim that the retailer is a "net drain" on the economy.

One positive, Tovar did note Egan remembered to call it "Walmart" and not "Wal-Mart" - circling it and giving it a "Yay!" The reailer dropped the dash a few years back. You can read the NY Times article HERE and the blog entry by Tovar HERE.

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