Some Amity Residents Boiling Mad Over Water Bills

- AMITY, AR -- For years a small city in Clark county let its residents pay water bills late, but now they're cracking down and some people aren't happy about it.

Folks in Amity are used to paying their water bills months late, and with the exception of a small fee, there have really been no other repercussions...until now.

Around 40 people who didn't pay on time this month, didn't get water.

With thousands of dollars owed, Charles Ducote -- with the city's water department -- said something needed to change.

He said, "It was decided that we needed to get stricter because our city clerk told us that we were running out of money, that we needed money so we need to collect some water bills."

Instead of getting an extra couple of months, people living in Amity must pay their water bills no later than nine days after the due date or the water will be turned off.

After not enforcing these "disconnect threats" for years, Karen Mayberry says it came as a surprise that the city turned her water off when she paid her bill just a few days late.

She said, "Whenever I've called and talked to them, they have stated it is a change in policy. If it was a change in policy I think the public should have been notified about this change in policy."

But according to the city, the policy did not change.

They just began enforcing it.

Mayberry says she plans to go to city council next month and recommend people get until the first of the month, to pay their bill, before shutting off the water

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