Recap: Sex Offender Posing as Pastor in Little Rock

(Original Story, July 30) A member of Power Pack Ministries in Little Rock claims their Pastor Jacob J. Taylor bilked her and her husband out of money for a barbecue business they were beginning with him.

As KARK dug into Taylor's history, we found nearly 24 nonprofits or businesses that could possibly be linked to Taylor, registered or pending registration with the Secretary of State's Office. Majority were geared toward religion and food service.

When searching to see if Jacob Taylor had a criminal history, KARK also found Taylor went by "Carlos Norwood" and had convictions ranging from hot checks, thef and forgery to felonly sexual assault.

When searching for Taylor in the sex offender registry, no results came up. But when searching the name Carlos Norwood a Level 3 Sex Offender alert was the result.

Church members confirmed Carlos Norwood, was in fact Bishop Jacob J. Taylor. after being shown a picture of Norwood form the sex offender registry.

KARK made contact with Taylor, and he initially told us that people had been harassing him and wasn't sure why they would think he was Carlos Norwood.

He later changed the story to say Carlos Norwood was his twin brother who lived in California.

According to the Department of Community Correction, Carlos Norwood, aka Jacob Taylor, was currently on parole in the state of Arkansas.

After speaking with Taylor, we followed up with Little Rock Police. According to them, Carlos Norwood was in compliance with his sex offender registration and had, in fact, called in that very day to check in with officers. Little Rock Police list Norwood's current address as Little Rock, not California.

(July 31) Jacob J. Taylor was arrested for parole violations after police searched his home and found sexually explicit images on his computer.

(August 1) Reverend Carlos Norwood pleaded guilty to a felony sexual assault charge from 2003 for having sex with a 15-year-old church member who was also his distant relative.

(August 4) A hole in the system allowed Norwood to go undetected.

(August 7) Taylor charged with with failing to register because of his work at Power Pack Ministries.

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