One-on-One with Gov. Mike Huckabee

(KNWA) - "That's a good question," said Huckabee, when asked if we considering another run for president in 2016. "I wish I could give you the answer, but I don't know it yet."

We heard the same thing in 2012, but -- financially speaking -- the former governor of the Natural State is in better shape to run in 2016 than he was in 2012. 

"One thing I learned from running in 2008: never jump into a pool if there's not water in it," said Huckabee. "Translated into politics, that means make sure there's enough money to really run the campaign, and that was a real drawback in 2008, and it's something I would have to know that's going to be there -- that there would be the financial support that would warrant doing what I call the equivalent of sticking your face into a fan blade that is moving very rapidly."

He may be weighing options at the moment, but he's also weighing in on issues like a man planning a run for the country's top spot. Huckabee was especially critical of the president's foreign policy.

"Obama promised that if he became president, the world love us and respect us, and he would charm the snakes back into the basket, " said Huckabee. "Well, the snakes are not back in the basket. They're roaming all over the landscape, because nobody trusts that what he says means anything. He says there's a red line in Syria. Not really. He said there are consequences to those who did what they did in Benghazi. What are they? There aren't any. 

"Every time the president basically tries to use an iron fist, it becomes a limp wrist."

Huckabee was even more critical of President Obama's recent dealings with Russia over the situation in Ukraine.

"Once again, what we've seen in American foreign policy is that we're going to have a little conversation -- we're going to talk," chided Huckabee. "Here's the problem. We treat our friends like our enemies and our enemies like we want them to be our friends, and we end up with no friends at all,

"We put more pressure on Israel to stop building bedrooms for the people who live in neighborhoods than we do on Iran to stop building bombs. We relax the sanctions on the Iranians, the Russians look at that, and say, 'Hm, if you want America to leave you alone, rough them up a little'. This is insane. 

"Our foreign policy is irrational. At best, it's irrational."

The Fox News host is unafraid of saying what's on his mind. That's something we've grown accustomed to over the years, though sometimes those controversial comments do more harm than good. 

"That's part of it," Huckabee said with a laugh. "I think the worst thing that can happen in the American culture is that we allow ourselves to lose any sense of being colorful and creative in the way we express because we're afraid we're going to hurt somebody's feelings.

"I say nuts to that -- get over it. Grow up. This is a big boy world."

As for his home state, the current political environment is much different now than it was when he ran things in Little Rock, as Huckabee recalls.

"When I became governor in 1996, 89 out of the 100 house members were Democrats -- 31 out of the 35 senators were," said Huckabee, who -- when elected to the lieutenant governor's office in a 1993 special election -- became only the fourth Republican since reconstruction to win a statewide office. " Now there's a Republican majority. I never knew that. I didn't even have enough Republicans to sustain a veto. I mean, it was tough sledding." 

Back to the question of, "Will he, or won't he?" For now, we'll have to wait for that answer, but one thing is for sure: the lead up to 2016 will certainly be more entertaining as long as Mike Huckabee's name is in the mix.

"I'm certainly giving serious consideration to it and will make a decision probably some time after the 2014 midterm elections," said Huckabee.

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