New Energy Code In Arkansas Could Save You Money

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A state committee is ready to roll out a new "energy code" to help Arkansans save money on their heating and cooling bills.

The goal here is to give families who want a new home a better idea of just how energy efficient that home will be.

As part of the code, builders will put a sticker on the meter box giving information on things like insulation and efficiency of equipment.

It's estimated we lose up to 39% of air flow -- from our heaters and air condition units -- because of duct leakage.

With this new energy code, the consumer will get a better idea of how energy efficient the home they're buying would be.

Ron Hughes, who helped work on the new energy code, said, "Our mantra in building houses is build tight, ventilate right. Houses don't have to breathe, but humans do."

Along with giving people more information about the insulation in their home, the new code calls for builders to use more energy efficient windows as well.

The energy code will only impact new construction beginning in 2015.

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