LRSD Teachers Learning a Second Language this Summer

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - Sir Withers teaches 7th and 8th grade Family and Consumer Science along with Finance.

But Monday, it was all about Withers and other Little Rock School District Teachers learning Spanish, to bridge the gap between themselves, students and parents.

"I come into quite a few. I have many in my classes, then just interacting with them in the hallway," said Withers.

The month long class is taught by Courtney Barr, Lecturer at UCA, who teaches freshman College Spanish.

"Very similar, some of them have had Spanish before, some of them have not," said Barr.

But of course learning is a process. 

"I think it's going very well, they seem to be enjoying themselves and teachers are pretty good learners," said Barr.

Dr. Karen Broadnax, Director of ESL Multilingual Services for LRSD, says the number of Spanish speaking students continue to rise, with the majority attending Baseline Elementary, so it was important to make all students and their families feel important.

"We still will use interpreters to have those in depth conversations, but just to even say how are you doing today, my name is, I teach this subject, I enjoy working with your student," said Broadnax.

Sir Withers says he felt the need to learn Spanish before the district even offered.

"This is something I've always wanted to do, so I can communicate with my Hispanic students better, in class, outside of class, as well as the parents," said Withers.

Withers says if you're a teacher,

“At least take one class."

and you will certainly see and reap the benefits of learning a little Espanol.

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