Hays Promises Fiscal Conservatism in Congress

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - Patrick Henry Hays is promising to bring some fiscal conservatism to Congress.

The Democrat running for the 2nd District congressional seat held a news conference at noon today to release his "5 First Steps To Cut Washington’s Wasteful Spending."

Pointing to the example of a million-dollar but stop in Arlington, Virginia, Hays said during his years as mayor of North Little Rock the city built bus stops for 99-percent less money than the federal government did in Virginia.

Here's the full news release from the Hays campaign:
In Washington, politicians spent our tax dollars to build a million dollar bus stop in Virginia. In North Little Rock, Patrick Henry Hays built bus stops for $8,000, costing 99-percent less.

That’s how Mayor Hays balanced 24-budgets, slashed the city’s debt and used that money to invest in the local economy and support businesses that create jobs. Now he’s running for Congress to bring that same commitment to fiscal responsibility back to Washington.

That’s why today, Mayor Patrick Henry Hays is releasing 5 principles to cut Washington’s wasteful spending, based on the commonsense ideas he practiced as Mayor.

“In North Little Rock we built bus stations for 99-percent less money than the federal government did – and that’s just one commonsense example of what’s wrong with Washington’s wasteful spending and how we can fix it,” said Mayor Patrick Henry Hays. “In North Little Rock we balanced 24 budgets and cut millions in waste – then we invested the savings back into our community to help businesses grow jobs. It’s that commitment to cutting wasteful spending, rooting out waste and abuse and making government do more with less that we’ve got to bring back to Congress.”  

Mayor Hay’s 5 First Steps To Cut Washington’s Wasteful Spending
  1. Root Out Waste: No More Million Dollar Bus Stops. Spending a million dollars on a single bus stop is exactly the sort of waste that Arkansans hate about Washington. Before the federal government approves taxpayer spending on these types of projects, we should check with leading municipal authorities like the United States Conference Of Mayors and National League of Cities, and solicit advice from private sector experts to ensure that we are using tax dollars in the most cost-efficient way possible. 
  2. Streamline Wasteful Duplication of Programs and Inefficient Agencies. In North Little Rock, Mayor Hays consolidated 9 city service offices into 1 – saving taxpayers money and cutting red tape for businesses. But the federal government wastes millions of dollars on duplicative and overlapping programs including coin management and overlapping emergency radio systems that cannot communicate with each other. We should fix these wasteful examples of inefficient spending. C
  3. Cut Spending on Wasteful Congressional Perks. Mayor Hays has pledged to cut wasteful spending on a number of taxpayer funded perks abused by members of congress. Specifically: Mayor Hays has rejected taxpayer funded first class airfare; a taxpayer funded salary for members of Congress, if Congress doesn't pass a budget; taxpayer funded pay raises for Congress, until Congress balances the budget; taxpayer funded campaign-style mailers to constituents; a taxpayer funded subsidy for healthcare that the American people don't also get; and taxpayer funded overseas trips, except to US military installations. 
  4. Reduce Administrative Costs. In North Little Rock, Mayor Patrick Hays saved tax dollars through commonsense solutions to aggressively cut administrative costs. For instance, in the Planning Department between 2008 and 2013 the city reduced expenses on copy machines by 16-percent, reduced spending on miscellaneous supplies by 50-percent, and reduced computer expenses by 14-percent. There’s potential to immediately achieve billions in savings by creating a standard process for buying information technology products.  We need a full and updated audit of the federal government’s non-personnel, non-defense administrative costs, and then we need to review the findings line-by-line with private sector experts to find areas to increase efficiencies. 
  5. Cut Ineffective and Outdated Programs, Starting With the NTIS. There are numerous examples of wasteful government spending on inefficient and outdated federal programs. For instance, a pre-internet agency known as the National Technical Information Service, which stockpiles government reports and charges for both electronic and paper versions of its analyses. A recent GAO report found that 74-percent of the reports kept in NTIS’s database are easily found through a free search on Google. Eliminating the NTIS could save taxpayers as much as $50 million. By going line by line through the budget, just like Mayors do, we can find these sorts of commonsense cuts and eliminate waste.
Hays' Republican opponent in the race is French Hill. Hill's Campaign Manager Jack Sisson issued this response about Hays' plan via email: "French Hill is a businessman who knows how to balance a budget. Patrick Henry Hays is a 27-year career politician who supported Obama's $800 billion stimulus bill and routinely increased spending and taxes as mayor. It's really hard to take his plan seriously." 

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