CSA Finalist: Matt House and Amy Johnson

With the 34th annual Community Service Awards a little less than a month away, we are already gathering finalists for number 35.

The June finalists, two former Hendrix College classmates, are actually co-finalists in the individual category, who founded a free Little Rock health clinic.

"I believe that this clinic was inspired by God. I believe God gave the vision of this clinic to Matt and Amy. In my opinion there's no other explanation. Two young attorneys, no non-profit experience, never founded a non-profit before, much less a medical clinic," says Eddie Pannell, Executive Director of Harmony Health Clinic.

"Well, in 2005 a college friend of mine that I hadn't heard from in some time, Matt, e-mailed me about this idea he had for starting a health clinic. As we met with other people in the community who were also interested in seeing a health clinic, developed this vision for a clinic that would not only provide health care for folks but would do so in a way that made everyone who walked through the doors of this clinic feel cared for," says Harmony Health Clinic co-founder Amy Johnson.
"It's wholly volunteer-driven except for a small paid staff. All of our nurses, our doctors, our dentists, our dental hygienists, our pharmacists, we are all volunteers, and they're coming here after hours, on their weekends, and dedicating their time because they want to help their fellow citizens," Pannell says..

"We do not charge patients a dime for any care they receive here. We don't bill anyone for the care that our patients receive. We don't receive Medicare or Medicaid, nothing in terms of government payments. Between medical and dental we've had over two thousand patients that have used our services," Johnson says.

It's not like it's a free clinic at all, they treat you like a real patient. Since comin' here I've started volunteering and I just want to give back what they have so freely given me," says Yolanda Woolfolk.

"In some respects, I wish we didn't have to have Harmony Health Clinic because that would mean we didn't have a problem that needs fixing.," says co-founder Matt House.

"They're kind, they're compassionate and they think about other people before they think about themselves", Pannell says.

Matt and Amy are also active in other community and professional organizations, and are the first
monthly finalists for the 2012 Community Service Awards.

The 2011 awards will be presented on July 22.

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