CSA Finalist: Lowe's of Bryant

"Well, Lowe's has been a community partner with Habitat for Humanity I think since they've been in Saline County," says Karma Harzfeld, Executive Director of Saline County Habitat for Humanity.

Partnership Village of Saline County is where the volunteers of Habitat for Humanity build affordable homes for people who qualify, and these builders are women.

"Last year, we received our first Habitat and Lowe's "Women Build" grants in the amount of $25,000 to help build a house here in Saline County," Harzfeld says.

Lowe's of Bryant sponsors Habitat's "Women Build" program in Saline County, providing financial
support as well as expertise.

"We want them to feel comfortable on the job site. We want them to know that it's not hard for them to go out and do it and it gets in your blood and you can't get it out," says Marie Duke, Commercial Sales Representative for Lowe's.

"Marie is a very dedicated person when it comes to community service. Now she's in a position where she can extend that out and is with a good company that really puts a lot behind it," says Jeff Bowers, Install Sales Manager for Lowe's.

"Had it not been for our store here in Saline County being willing to work with us and build that
relationship and build that partnership, we wouldn't have gotten the funds to build the house," Duke
says. "Our other big project that we do is Muscular Dystrophy Association, and we just got finished with our promotion on that. As a total, Lowe's raised over two million dollars. Our store raised $6,100."

"So, it's really important when you can get a large corporation that has ties also to Habitat
International and to Lowe's corporate to support you locally," Harzfeld says. "They've got all
different kinds of grants, you've just gotta request and ask for it."

"You've really got to have a Lowe's employee that really wants to work hard and heavy with Habitat, and I do," Duke says.

Lowe's Home Improvements of Bryant is a finalist for the large corporate humanitarian award at the
34th annual Community Service Awards (CSA) on July 22nd at UCA in Conway. The CSA's are co-sponsored by the Department of Human Services Division of Volunteerism, the Office of the Governor and the Duncan Firm.

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