Bullet Pierces Hull of NLR Airplane, Leaves Pilot Puzzled

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - "Not a good thing that's for sure."

Tim Hartwick found a .45 caliber round and bullet hole in his airplane and the North Little Rock Airport Hangar it was sitting in.

"First of all it was frightening to me," says Hartwick.

Someone, somehow shot through the roof of the hangar and Tim's Cessna 182.

It's the who and how no one can seem to make sense of.

"Don't really know how to make heads or tails of it," says Clay Rogers.

The news of this surprises most pilots and people at the airport.

"Seen a lot of things happen but this one is a first," says Harry Barrett.

"To have something like that is pretty shocking and pretty frustrating," says Rogers.

Clay Rogers is the Director of the North Little Rock Airport. He says initial suspicions pointed to an accidental round being fired in the air and this is where it came down.

But he contacted authorities who have a different idea.

"The police have suspected that it was an intentional shot fired from above the hangar."

"It's hard to believe that just gravity, a bullet falling by gravity would penetrate both," says Harry Barrett.

And while they wait for any word from police on who and how, the pilot who owns the plane and found the bullet is just glad his airplane was all that was hurt.

"If it can come through the roof of that building through the insulation and through the top cowl of my airplane, if that hit someone in the chest or the head it would kill him. There's no doubt about that," says Hartwick.

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