AR Governor's Race: Ross Targets Hutchinson in New TV Ad

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Democrat Mike Ross and Republican Asa Hutchinson breezed to easy wins Tuesday, setting up a wide open race for the fall.

Both candidates spoke with us about the race and a brand new ad hitting airwaves.

Even as Mike Ross gave his victory speech Tuesday evening, the fight for the bigger prize is already in full swing.

"The general election campaign began last night."

Beginning with Ross' third ad, a major TV buy targeted at the republican nominee.

"In congress, Asa Hutchinson voted to give tax breaks to companies who shipped jobs overseas. He did it in Washington, now he wants to do it here."

"What are we referencing there specifically?"

"That he's going to choose tax breaks for big corporations over middle class families."

Both former congressmen appearing with us on Good-Day Arkansas, Hutchinson called the claim off-base.

Asa says, "He's arguing that somehow we ought to isolate ourselves and we should not work for world markets in our agricultural products."

The comparative ad also highlights Ross's tax cut plan for middle class families and his desire for universal pre-k for all 4-year-olds, but keeps Hutchinson front and center.

"Then he became a DC lobbyist."

"Is there anything wrong with being a lobbyist?"

"Asa himself was quoted saying he was totally disconnected from Arkansas."

Why the tonal shift? Recent polls find Ross trailing Hutchinson by as much as eight points.

According to Real Clear Politics, combining all polls so far, Hutchinson holds a 45-41 lead over Ross.

Hutchinson says, "He started this campaign off in a negative fashion with his ad program today. Couldn't wait to get

out of the primary to start those negative ads and we'll just have to deal with that in the fall."

As the ads start running before summer starts.

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