National Boxing Championships, "It's Not Just About Boxing"

HOT SPRINGS, AR - With each strap of the glove, step in the ring, and swing of a punch, a boxing match has a focus on the individual.

"There's a loser and a winner and only one trophy."

But here in Hot Springs at the Boys and Girls Club even in the middle of the National Title Championship, it's about more than just the one.

"It's just not about boxing. It's about teamwork and having that family that you might not have elsewhere," says Chad Wade.

Chad Wade is an Assistant Boxing Coach for the Boys and Girls Club and part organizer of the event that's bringing teams from across the nation right here to Central Arkansas.

"These kids get to be proud that we were the title host," says Wade.

"It puts us on the map definitely and it's just all these people coming here."

Weeks, months, and years of practice go into the event and while glory goes to the winner, there's another pay off here.

"It's a way to get these kids focused on something else. Some have anger management issues, hit a bag lets get it out," says Wade.

Local churches and even volunteers from out of state teams all have helped make this title tournament.

With a focus not only on the individual but also the team.

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