Woman Falls Asleep at Wheel, Crashes Into Daycare

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - A 24 hour daycare now closed after a woman fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the side of the building.

The incident happened early Saturday morning but close to two days later you can still see extreme damage inside and out of the Hot Springs daycare.

"I basically came out to look at the front yard and garage because it was flooding," said Donna Witham.

Witham woke up Saturday morning to find her yard, soaked.

"Then I walked up to the corner to find out where the water was coming from," said Witham.

Turning the corner to Lilly Blossom Daycare she saw a horrific scene she said, "The lady came out of the building telling me a car ran into her building."

Just before 5:30 am Hot Springs Police said the car went through the east wall of Lilly Blossom Daycare. The driver was driving on Albert Pike Road, fell asleep, hit the fire hydrant, and went through the wall.

Cinder blocks now scattered, a broken air conditioner, and what concerned parents now, no place to take their kids when they go to work.

"Going around on Facebook moms are upset cause they don't know where they are going to take their kids," said Christy Johnson who works nearby.

One woman said Lilly Blossom is one of the few Daycare facilities open 24 hours a day and it doesn't look like this one will be open anytime soon.

Johnson added, "Looking from the inside of it, it looks crazy it's going to be a little bit to get that thing up and running."

Donna said this woman who owns Lilly Blossom was inside with her grandson at the time, and neither were hurt.

"She told me the lady crawled out and tried to leave but luckily no one was hurt."

It's lucky no one was near the impact this time said Donna, and now she suggests something be done so this doesn't happen again.

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