West Fork Family's Dog Shot and Killed

WEST FORK, Ark. (KNWA) - A family is grieving after their beloved guard dog was shot and killed on their property.

Kathy Martine remembers her dog Willie as, "Very gentle, lovable, sweet. The kind that...just you know...she just loved everybody."

Martine said Willie stumbled up to the house late Monday night.

"We couldn't even see what was wrong. We were looking all over her body. She was panting. Obviously, you know, very distressed. And we were just...was it poison? Did you get out in the road? Did you get hit by a car?" says Martine.

The family says they have nearly 20 acres of property. They think whoever shot their pet was  trespassing, even though they had "No Trespassing" signs posted.

"It didn't take very long and she died. Then I could see that it was a gunshot wound," Martine continues.

The family says they reported the incident to the West Fork Police Department in hopes that the person who did this will be caught.

"Not only is it disconcerting that someone is out walking someone else's property at 10 o'clock at night with a firearm but under Arkansas state law it's a misdemeanor to knowingly kill or injure someone's animal without their consent," says Lisa Olinger, Assistant Director at the Animal League of Washington County.

The family is offering a $500 reward.

"We had a yard sale once. Little kids that came in, we just looked out and there was this little girl hugging her with her arms around her and she's just up there, so proud. You know she was just a very, very gentle dog."

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to call the West Fork Police Department.

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