Web Extra: Little Rock Teen Performs "Victory Over Violence" Poem

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- As part of Saturday's "Victory Over Violence" presentation by the Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Commission at the Midsouth Black Expo, Little Rock freshman James Wilson present a powerful poem on non-violence.

The Little Rock Central freshman shared a message of love over hate.  We've posted his full poem below:

I am James Wilson and I am not a killer nor am I a fighter but I am the dream.

I am a part of the dream that Martin Luther King Jr. had on that night of August 1963. The dream that was the wake up call that told us that we were free. The dream in which my ancestors died so that we could live in unity.

Blacks, whites no matter the color. Martin believed we all still had love for each other.

From sit ins and letters went to protest and tweets. They paved the road so that I would never have to kneel down at anyone's feet.

The dream that made all of us who we are. This is the dream turned us from slaves to stars.

No matter how hard we fight their is always a price. But we gotta learn to over violence with love and do what's right.

See nowadays its all about who's better than who. But when it comes down to love I'm no better than you.

We fight for the same goal to be successful at life. Those dreams of becoming famous when going to sleep at night.

The leaders always told us violence isn't the key. But to come together as one was the passage to be free. So here I am today fighting for the dream that stabilized the scars from the years of slavery.

Our nation is evolving as we come together as one. Where we find the solution to make sure this evilness is done.

I'm a 9th freshman at little rock central high. So much history behind it like the Little Rock Nine.

They suffered the pain so schools could be integrated. They suffered the pain so that my smartness could not be hated.

Nelson Mandela and his long walk to freedom. He sacrificed himself because he knew that we would need him.

But guess what, the only activists they weren't black. Because blacks weren't the only ones under attack.

The Freedom Riders the nonviolent bus rides built positive relationships upon the seats inside.

Nonviolent protest was the silent way to fight. They gave to the community even though their money was tight.

No matter how long we take the love's still alive. No matter how hard it was to find the feeling inside.

So whenever you feel that your ringing freedom stops. Fight back with love it always comes out on top.

We are losing to many babies and children to this nonsense. 2 year olds 3 year old we are losing so many adversaries at what cost?

In this generation it is about the youth we must take back our job and our purpose. WE as the future must take the torch that has been passed and LOVE one another, hate out of our communities, out of our schools, out of our minds, & most important... out of our hearts. Let US accept the challenge and roll up our sleeves to have Victory over Violence.

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