Waiting to Die: Arkansas Death Row Inmate Interview

Arkansas Death Row Inmate Interview - FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - After 23 years on death row, former northwest Arkansan Don Davis was supposed to be executed, for the fifth time, one week ago Thursday night. His execution was stayed by the Arkansas Supreme Court.
On Oct. 12, 1990 , Jane Daniel was in the assumed safety of her Rogers home when she was shot execution style in the back of the head.
Don Davis pulled the trigger. He went to the Daniel home to rob it. Police believe Jane Daniel gave Davis all the items he asked for and then he took her life.
"It just bothers me horribly that...she must have been terrified and she didn't deserve that at all," said her husband Richard. 
"Actually there is nothing I have nothing to say to him because he doesn't care," said Jane's daughter Susan Khani when asked what she would say to Davis. "He doesn't have the capacity as you and I do, as human beings to even understand."
Don Davis agrees. At the time he committed the murder, he didn't have the capacity to care.
"What I did was an act of cowardice; it was cold blooded; it was evil."
"If the day I was found guilty in Bentonville and they would of took me out the next day and executed me, I feel as though it would have been a just execution."
Davis maintains the evil,  young coward who killed Jane Daniel is not the repentant man he's become.
"Are you sorry for what you did?" the reporter asked.
"You have no idea.  There is nothing I wouldn't give to take back moment. There is nothing that I can do."
Davis does not expect Daniel's family to believe him but he said the state of Arkansas can't execute the man who did that crime because he no longer exists.
"To stick a man in a cell and turn him into the man he was supposed to be all that time and then take him out of that cell and execute him, I just have a problem with that picture and not just because it's me." 
"I think you should care because every human being has something to offer," said Davis and he said what he has to offer is the barren reality of a life spent in a cell on death row.
"My dream--what I would love to be able to do is try to help someone see that the mistakes that I have made, that the evil deed that I did, that all the pain and suffering I caused that they don't have to do that  there's a better way."
Davis believes in redemption, in forgiveness and in life after death.
"The only way that I am ever going to be free is to be executed. So there's a part of me that is very sad that I woke up here this morning and there's a part of me that is happy that I woke up here this morning because I'm alive."
That's 25 years of living that Jane Daniel didn't have.
"Because of what he did, my son will never have a grandmother to come and pick him up and take him somewhere and to hug him," said Jane's daughter. 
"I am so sorry.  I am so sorry for the pain and suffering that I caused to their whole family."

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