Video Shows Car Crashing Into Couple on Motorcycle Then Driving Off

Crash Happened in August at Little Rock Intersection

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Shocking video from August shows the moment a car slams into the back of a motorcycle at a Little Rock intersection.

Racheal Johnson was on the motorcycle with her boyfriend.

"Just waiting for the light to turn green," Johnson says.

"And I just woke up on the ground."

What's even more shocking, the reckless driver disappears leaving Johnson and her boyfriend lying in the street badly injured. Bystanders ran over to help.

Johnson got emotional Thursday thinking back to the moments after the crash.

 "I just felt a tight hold of my whole body," she says.

The hit and run shattered the bike into pieces and sent Johnson to the hospital for three days. Photos document her recovery: staples in her head, her mouth wired shut and her jaw broken in three places.

"Eating through a straw, drinking through a straw," Johnson  says.

"To be here to tell the story is a blessing."

She says the injuries kept her from her three daughters toward the end of their summer break.

"I didn't get to go school shopping," Johnson says. "I didn't get to go take them first day; I didn't get to do none of that."

A camera at a nearby liquor store captured the crash footage. Johnson posted it to Facebook where people shared it more than 1,000 and watched it more than 40,000 times.

"Just to see somebody pull off like it didn't matter, it hurts," Johnson says. 

"It hurts really bad."

That August night was Johnson's first time riding a motorcycle. She had recently joined a motorcycle club out of Pine Bluff.
Despite what happened, she's not ready to pump the brakes.

"I'll get on again," Johnson says.

" I will."

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