Victory Over Violence Announces 10 Goals to Combat Crime

Small groups actively working to put goals into action

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- During a Saturday afternoon news conference at MacArthur Park, Victory Over Violence announced 10 community-based goals designed to reclaim our neighborhoods.

Each goal has a small group working to build action plans and create events to ensure it's brought to life.

Congressman French Hill, Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner, and Little Rock Superintendent Michael Poore were among those who spoke about the goals to combat crime.

The goals are outlined below:

1. Provide Support. Establish Community Response Team to work hand-in-hand with LRPD and the city’s street team to provide resources to people who've fallen through the cracks and been identified as at-risk. Walk the streets to help make connections with the community.

2. Assist and Inspire. Develop list of approved partner organizations (in association with the city of Little Rock) that can provide counseling, job training, guidance, food, and other services that can help neighbors. Encourage the public to volunteer for these groups through

3. Partner with Police. Build a partnership with police, focusing on identifying individuals in need, solving problems, and reporting crime. Push anonymous crime reporting resources and officer recruitment for open positions.

4. Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Ensure each area of the city has an active Neighborhood Watch program working in conjunction with police. Each Neighborhood Association should ensure youth has positive ways to spend time through organized recreation, tutoring programs, part-time work and volunteer opportunities.

5. Mentor Match. Work with the Little Rock School District and partner organizations to find mentors for every child in need of guidance.

6. Engage in education. Work with businesses to create non-traditional partnerships to engage and motivate students inside and outside of their classrooms. Ensure educational and job opportunities for all citizens in Little Rock. Promote various paths to make sure options are available and known to all interested parties.

7. Clean up the neighborhood! Involve everyone to show graffiti, litter, abandoned cars, and run-down buildings aren't allowed in our neighborhoods. Work hand-in-hand with Neighborhood Safety Corps. Utilize 311 and local public works department to assist with clean-up efforts.

8. Faith in Action. Mobilize churches and pastors across the city as resources to help meet the needs of the campaign. Utilize churches to help counsel and guide children, parents, and families.

9. Re-Entry Success. Ensure individuals re-entering society following incarceration have the tools and guidance they need to avoid returning to jails and prisons. Promote and provide support for the programs that work.

10. Push the Message. Promote the message of "Victory Over Violence" through advertisements, social media posts, marches, events and other group activities to show we're determined to drive out crime and drugs. Highlight the impact violence has had on our communities but also promote successful people who've beaten the odds.


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