Victim's Family Asks State to Spare Kenneth Williams' Life

OZARK, Mo. (KSPR) - The family of a man from the Ozarks who was killed by an escaped murderer almost two decades ago said they do not want his killer to be executed.
"I believe justice has already been served. He hasn't been able to kill anyone else. Executing him is more of revenge," said Stacey Yaw, who was Michael Greenwood’s wife.
Kenneth Williams is set to die Thursday, April 27.
Michael Greenwood of Springfield and his wife had just found out they were expecting twins when Williams escaped from an Arkansas prison. Williams led law enforcement officers on a chase in a stolen truck and crashed into Greenwood's work truck near Urbana, north of Buffalo, killing Greenwood.
Now, Greenwood's family asks for his killer's life to be spared.
"I miss him when I'm with my grandkids, I wish he was there to see them, too; little things they do, proud moments," Yaw said.
Greenwood's family feels his absence every day.
“He was a great guy. He was a tough guy. He was a funny guy... He was a great guy," Yaw said.
They do not want anyone else to feel this pain, even Greenwood's killer.
"Sometimes the right thing is hard to do, but it is the best option," said Michael Greenwood’s son, Joseph Greenwood.
That is why they ask for Kenneth Williams' life to be spared.
"Everyone can change and I definitely believe in second or even third chances, because it's what's right," said Joseph Greenwood.
For them, that chance is making sure the killer gets to see his family one last time. The victim’s family just bought Williams’ daughter and granddaughter plane tickets to Arkansas so, they could be there before his execution.
"It's just not right. It's just not right. She didn't do anything ever and now she is going to be a victim," Yaw said.
They are helping Williams' last wish come true for the sake of his daughter, Jasmine.
"If I was Jasmine, I would want somebody there for me. We are all humans, we are all here together, we have to be here for each other," said Kayla Greenwood, Michael Greenwood’s daughter.
"We experience what she felt. She is getting ready to lose a father and me, my brother, and sister all lost a father. It sucks and we feel really bad for her. Even though he killed our father," said Joseph Greenwood.
This will be the first time that Williams has ever seen his granddaughter.
"At least that can be something good and beautiful that can come out of something so horrible," Kayla Greenwood said.

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