Vet Involved in Standoff with Police Now Part of Organization to Fight Veteran Suicide

Vet Involved in Standoff with Police...

WHITE COUNTY, Ark.- Veteran suicide is an epidemic in Arkansas and nationwide.

A local veteran is now a part of fighting that battle after being on the brink of taking his own life.

Rodney Faddis served fifteen years in the military.  He never knew much about PTSD, let alone the fact that he was suffering from it. 

He did recognize after transitioning back into civilian life, he was never the same.

"I had a lot of survivor guilt, had a lot of guilt on what we did over there," says Faddis.  "I was just beating myself up over it."

Faddis hit rock bottom this past July when he decided to end his life.  He got into a standoff with police in Independence county.

"I was going to commit suicide myself and then it turned into suicide by cop," says Faddis.

"He was heavily armed," says Mikel Brooks, founder and CEO of "We Are the 22", an organization that combats veteran suicide.

He served with Faddis in Iraq.  When Faddis' ex wife told Brooks what was happening, he immediately responded to the standoff.

"This was our first actual real world response," says Brooks.

Brooks and his team were able to talk Faddis down.  He was released into their care.

"We began the process of getting him into the VA," says Brooks. 

There Faddis completed an intense PTSD program.

"It turned my life around," says Faddis, who now heads up "We Are the 22" in Northern Arkansas.

"[We're] very proud of him and very happy we could save him that day," says Brooks.

Brooks says for every success they're still fighting an uphill battle.

 "In the last two months there's still been four veterans in Arkansas that've committed suicide," says Brooks.









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