under His umbrella: Ministry Helps Homeless Weather the Storm

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- There is a storm circling in Central Arkansas even on days without a cloud in the sky.

"I want to give you this umbrella, I want you to know that God is your big umbrella and He is going to protect you," Torey Harrison said.

This outpour is raining down love ahead of the precipitation. 

Harrison has a heart for the homeless. 

"I was driving home on my way from college past a man and it was pouring down rain. I gave him those umbrellas and the biggest smile came up on his face," Harrison said.

What started as a sprinkle of kindness, she hopes to upgrade to a monsoon of a ministry.

"I used the last umbrella during the last storm and it blew it just wide open and destroyed it," Patrick Garvey said.

"I want you to see what this says, it says that you're under His umbrella and that means that this will protect you from the outdoor elements but ultimately God is your main protection over you," Harrison said.

In nearly one month, almost $2,000 poured into 'under His umbrella,' helping Harrison put the protection in the hands of others.

"I think its awesome because I'm actually needing one and we got rain in the forecast and I didn't know what I was going to do," Garvey said.

"I always thought there was something more I could do," Harrison said.

While meteorologists call for rain, Harrison follows the calling in her heart.

"I had no idea it would get started this fast and that we would be spreading umbrellas all across Arkansas," Harrison said.

Which is just what some would say they called for.

"Its an answer to a prayer, its no coincidence, no coincidence its an answer to prayer I need one," Garvey said.

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