Thieves Use Counterfeit Debit Card at Little Rock Target

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A Jacksonville woman was enjoying her Labor Day weekend, while thieves were at work with her debit card information.

Rebecca Burke received the text from her bank no one wants to get.

Her debit card was compromised and about 1,600 dollars were gone.

She's not alone.

According to ACI Worldwide. about 46 percent of Americans have had their credit card information stolen within the last 5 years.

"It's a big inconvenience but it's also just a lot of money lost," Burke said.

According to the Nilson report for 2016, losses due to credit card fraud in the US totaled almost 25 billion dollars.

"So eventually we all pay for credit card fraud and debit card fraud. Because the retails can only absorb so much. Their job is to stay in business," Janet Robb, CEO & President of the Better Business Bureau of Arkansas said.

According to the police report, the thief used Burke's debit card information at Target on S. University in Little Rock. The person made 3 charges totaling about 1,300 dollars and made an ATM withdrawal of more than 200 dollars.

"You think, well maybe it's not that much. And then you find out, it's a lot!"

Now after an alert from her bank and filing a police report, Burke will get all of her money back.

According to the Better Business Bureau, cards are compromised most often at restaurants and gas stations.

Janet Robb recommends switching from debit to credit for added security.

"A debit card automatically pulls that money out of your account and so that window of opportunity for you to notify someone that maybe your card's been compromised is much shorter," Robb said. 

"It was my fault for using a debit as opposed to the credit version of the card but, lesson learned," Burke said.

Burke hopes she's not the only one taught a lesson.

"Hopefully they'll be able to find who did it," she said.

Little Rock Police are now working with Target to get surveillance video.

They hope to find out how and who compromised Burke's card so no one else falls victim. 


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