Swiss Curler Competing at Winter Olympics Lives in Arkansas

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea, - Over the 18 days of the Winter Olympics 2,800 athletes from 90 countries will aim for a gold medal.

Among them is a Switzerland native who lives in Arkansas where he makes a living repairing and making clocks.


Every four years, Americans get passionate about curling.

But in Dominik Maerki's home country, curling is a favored pastime. Dominik grew up playing the sport and is now on the country's Olympic team in South Korea.

“Yeah I had some goosebumps, so it’s quite impressive,” he says.

Outside of being a Swiss curler living in the U.S., he adds another unique layer. He's a clockmaker...but at the Winter Games his job has to be put on hold.

“Did you bring in watches, are you going to be tinkering at all?,” Aaron Nolan asks him. “No, I don’t have any time for that. I may can give my business card out, but no I don’t think so,” he responds, adding “No, I’m here for the gold medal, that’s everything.”

Dominik and his teammates will begin the quest for that medal on Valentine's Day, which is on hold because his wife will be watching back home in Arkansas.

“I wish she was here, but it’s not possible and we are so busy, I would not have much time for her,” says Dominik.

So now, only time will tell if the unique story of a clock-making curler from Switzerland living in the U.S. will add a golden chapter in South Korea.

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