Suspect Arrested After Police Pursuit in Mountain Pine


A man on multiple "Most Wanted" lists-- back in jail tonight after leading police on a chase in a stolen car.  

"There were 5 or 6 officers on them at one time," says Marko Thorne. "And they were wrestling around."

A sight Thorne says he's never seen living in his quiet Mountain Pine neighborhood. "It's small, few streets not a lot of businesses." So he was shocked, when he heard a car skid outside his home."I stepped out the door and their were cop cars everywhere." Police say 41-year -old Randy Turner  - led multiple agencies on a pursuit through Garland County in a stolen Mustang out of Mount Ida.

Thorne says the man got out of the car - and ran into his yard. "Here come about 10 officers chasing a man," says Thorne. "Through the back and right here by my hammock." Officers say Turner - an ADC parolee -  is wanted for thefts out of several Arkansas counties.

"It was a crazy scene that we seen last night," says Vicky Clinton, a mother who lives on the street. Clinton - still in disbelief after seeing the chase. "When we seen the chase, we were like wow, oh my gosh, I was making sure none of my kids were outside."

She says many of the neighborhood kids are outside playing on the street - during that time. "If one of my kids like her would have been out there on the road when that car came through there would not have been no more of her."

Now, people living here are thankful no one was hurt."I'm just very glad this guy is caught and gone," says Clinton.

While their quiet neighborhood can return to normal. "I hope the guy gets what he deserves, he threatened a lot of lives last night," says Thorne.

Turner faces several charges including fleeing in a vehicle and on foot, and first degree criminal mischief. He's expected to face more charges out of several other counties.


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