Some Questioning New Law After LR Police Shooting

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Kimberly Roebuck is just getting off work.

"Business was really slow today," says Roebuck.

She pours drinks for a living in the River Market.

"Bar guests sometimes get rowdy. They don't mean any harm, they do get rowdy though," says Roebuck.

But it's what happened Sunday that's far worse.

Sunday morning, Little Rock police officers shot and killed an armed man. Police say Michael Hornibrook, 54, was leaving Ernie Biggs when investigators say he pointed his gun and started shouting racial slurs at a homeless person. It's unclear if Hornibrook was drunk.

"Now, you have a situation where one person is dead, a lot of people are scared," says Roebuck.

A bill just signed into law by the Governor will make it legal to carry guns in bars up until a point you're legally intoxicated.

"Shame on Arkansas. That's all I can say. Guns do not belong in bars," says Roebuck.

State Representative Charlie Collins proposed the legislation.

"You're going to do all the things to indicate to the police officer that you're being helpful," says St. Rep. Collins.

He says it's smart to have concealed carry holders specially trained to deal with criminals.

"A good guy with a gun, especially a good guy or gal, whose been trained to handle those situations, I believe will deter bad guys from bringing weapons and attempting to do bad things in a lot of these places," says St. Rep. Collins.

With weekend gunfire in the back of so many minds, Roebuck worries about two things that she says don't mix well: guns and booze.

"When you're drinking, you just don't make the best choices," says Roebuck.

Sources confirm Hornibrook used to have a concealed carry permit. It's unclear if he still has one.

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