Shots Fired at Stolen Truck Ends High-Speed Chase

MONTICELLO, Ark. - A wild high speed police chase captured on dash cam video ends in gunfire. Law enforcement involved says it was a by-the-book ending.

The chase was weaving in and out of traffic at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour.

Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober said they had no choice and couldn't let the suspect go.

"This was a situation where we couldn't back off," Sheriff Gober explained. "She was all over the road so we had to get her stopped somehow."

The call came in Wednesday (5/17) around 12:40 p.m. about a reckless driver. Dash cam video from the Monticello Police Department made it clear.

At times it reached speeds of 108 miles per hour and weaved through busy traffic along Highway 425 just outside Monticello.

Law enforcement says the driver risked lives of other people.

The 15 minute pursuit only stretched about 5 miles as the suspect took the chase offroad. When she hit the main stretch again, more patrol cars were ready including Sheriff Gober.

He added, "We got her boxed in and I took the point to keep the rear of my truck in front of her vehicle."

The video shows the suspect smashing into Gober's truck. Gober called it a textbook maneuver by everyone involved to get the woman stopped using a "rolling road-block." What you cannot see is what happens once the Sheriff gets out of his truck. You can hear it though as he says he shot out the front tire to keep the driver from getting away.

"She wasn't obeying commands and she wasn't opening the door and at that time we didn't know it was a she," Gober said. "We didn't know who it was. We didn't know if it was an armed person or not. We didn't know the vehicle was stolen at that time."

He says they avoided the worst.

"Had we not done that and somebody got hurt, we didn't do our job."

The woman driving the stolen truck, Haley Cheramie, was taken into custody and faces several charges including felony fleeing.

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