Sherwood & Jacksonville Residents to Vote About Dry Portions of Cities

SHERWOOD, Ark.-- Sherwood's city council and Jacksonville's city council set separate special elections to answer the same question Thursday evening. 

Both special elections set for November 14 will allow people to decide if restaurants can serve alcohol in their dry neighborhoods. 

Restaurants currently can not serve alcohol in a portion of Sherwood. 

We met Travis Worley who is a part owner of Marco's Pizza in that portion of Sherwood. 

He said, "We're looking to have the ability to have one or two beers or glass of wine."

Soon his customers may have that choice of ordering alcoholic beverages if the special election changes a current law. 

"It's really about what the locals want here," Worley said. 

The Sherwood city council also think it should be voted on by the people who live in the dry area. 

On Thursday the Sherwood city council unanimously approved the special election in a special called meeting that lasted less than 3 minutes. 

The new pizza restaurant owner told us, "You know a dry area as has its ups. It has its downs."

He said he has seen other Marco's Pizza restaurants attract more business by selling beer and wine. 

Donnie Crain is the economic development director for Sherwood's Chamber of Commerce. 

Crain explained to us part of Sherwood is in the now defunct Gray Township. He said more than 60 years ago the township voted for the dry law. 

The map showed that everything north of Maryland Avenue is dry but people who want to grab a drink with their meal can drive just down the road. 

Crain said the only way to overturn the dry law from the defunct Gray Township was for Sherwood city council and Jacksonville city council to approve a special election and let the people who live in those areas decide. 

"It's got a little bit of a complicated history," he explained. 

The former township's borders now include parts of Sherwood, Jacksonville and Pulaski County, according to the map Crain gave us. 

He said, "It includes most of the northern portions of Sherwood as well as portions of Pulaski County and even in the city of Jacksonville."

Crain said he has been working closely with Jacksonville to help coordinate the city council meetings and the special elections. 

He explained what people would be voting to approve, "It's only restaurants (serving alcohol to customers). It wouldn't allow liquor stores convenient stores are grocery stores to sell alcohol but only restaurants would be allowed to serve alcohol in this (dry) area."

Worley said he is all for more business. 

He said, "Local always try to be local."

The owner said he is more for what his neighborhood wants. 

Both city councils set the separate special elections for November 14th. 

The two elections could end up with different results. 

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