School Resource Officers Take New Approach to Active Shooter Training

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Arkansas school resource officers are now taking a different approach with how they respond to active shooter incidents in schools. 
Officers say it's all about saving as many lives as possible as quickly as possible. 
Police say, in the past, when an active shooter incident was reported at a campus, school resource officers (SROs) would have to wait for backup before engaging a suspect, which could take several minutes or even hours. 
Well, that's not the case anymore. 
Through the Criminal Justice Institute in Little Rock, several SROs from across the Natural State are learning about "solo engagement." Instructors say that means taking down a shooter without waiting for support.
"It is difficult for us to contradict that old training that several of us had in years past and say 'Now, we want you to go in against an armed guy, by yourself, alone and take care of it by yourself.' But that's what we are obligated to do. We're here to... our first priority is citizen safety and to protect the community," Chris Salley, with the Criminal Justice Institute, said.
Salley says deadly school shootings like Comlumbine and Virginia Tech called for the change in response. 
Their training continued Wednesday with more hands on exercises. Watch more on that continued training here:


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