Safety Matters: Two People Injured after Car Hits Them

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A driver hit two pedestrians who were crossing Markham Street Tuesday morning. 

They walked away with minor injuries, but many who live off Markham said jaywalking is a major issue there. 

"I see people do it every day," said Allison Reavis. "More people don't use the crosswalk than do."

KARK 4 News spotted about 30 people jaywalking between 4 and 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Several examples caught on video include kids dodging cars on the way home from school, a woman making traffic come to a complete stop, and cars honking as two women narrowly escape to the other side. 

When the two pedestrians from Tuesday morning's accident tried similar tactics, the Little Rock Police Department said a driver turning onto Markham hit them and injured the woman's hip and the man's ankle. 
"I could see that happening around here for sure," said Andrew McClain, a regular Markham driver. "You have to slow down around here."
According to the report, the driver told police he looked and did not see the jaywalkers, and the jaywalkers told police the same thing. 
Officers cited the driver for failure to yield to pedestrians. 
Reavis and McClain said Markham needs more crosswalks. 
There used to be one between the Cedar and Hooper slop lights. 
They said drivers did not stop so it went away. 
However, many still pretend it is there. 
"I've been guilty of it, too," Reavis said. "I think it's human nature. The crosswalks are a little spread out. It's dangerous."


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