Proposed Changes for Arkansas Concealed Carry Law

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - There are new proposed changes to concealed carry laws in the State of Arkansas.

Lawmakers are calling for an enhanced concealed carry permit which would allow concealed carry license holders who get the enhanced permit to carry guns in places where they're currently not allowed.

We spoke to a concealed carry instructor Monday afternoon who says the changes aren't needed. 

George Brooks says he already has a very specific training regimen for his students.

"My students shoot 100 rounds apiece. They do not pass this class if they don't satisfy me that they're proficient with the gun," he explains.

For Brooks, the concealed carry laws that were already on the books at the start of the year are more than sufficient.

"I'm into defensive shooting, save your life shooting. That's why we carry a handgun concealed," Brooks continues.

State Representative Charlie Collins (R-Fayetteville) pushed the new law expanding rights of enhanced carry license holders. He believes the law can help prevent a tragedy, like the massacre in Las Vegas.

"I think deterrents, by being able to surprise interdict, is one thing that can help make some of them at least say, 'I'm not going to kill innocents on an Arkansas college campus today,'" he says.

It would allow those license holders to carry guns inside buildings on school campuses, into airports and even into bars, something Brooks doesn't agree with.

"The idea of allowing alcohol and guns is ridiculous. Alcohol and guns escalate. You don't want that," he says.

Among other things, the training required to get an enhanced concealed carry permit will put applicants through an active shooter simulation.

"Complete chaos," says Brooks. "You would have five people in the hallway pulling their guns trying to find the bad guy and the bad guy has already slipped out the door."

Click here to read the proposed changes in the law.

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