Parents Say Students Forced to Sit on Floor of School Bus

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Michael Holley knows hard work is taught in the classroom.

"It's very important," says Holley. "To be successful in life."

The father of a sixth grader says he loves the North Little Rock School District.

"We've been here for 12 years," says Holley.

It shocked him when he saw a photo his son took from the school bus aisle. It showed at least two students sitting on the floor.

"Complaining about having to ride on the floor of the bus or stand up because there wasn't room to sit," says Holley.

North Little Rock School District Superintendent Kelly Rodgers says he was not aware of an issue until Monday, when KARK 4 News, contacted him. He says he's launched an investigation into the parent's claim of overcrowding.

Rodgers says there were 44 students on the bus Monday afternoon. The bus can hold 77 kids.

"The bus is not overcrowded but its apparent from that picture, students were sitting in the aisle which is not acceptable," says Rodgers.

Rodgers says the school bus drivers will be monitoring for overcrowding and will make changes if needed.

"There's plenty of room for students. Two to a seat plus some seats left over on this bus... this afternoon," says Rodgers.

The school bus may not have been overcrowded Monday but Holley's son will not be riding the bus anytime soon.

"Trying to get him to be safe while sitting on the floor, unrestrained or not in a seat in a school bus -- there's just no way to be safe," says Holley. "It scares me."

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