Organizer Touts Big Names as Possible Acts for New Festival in Little Rock

Fulcrum Fest Planned for Spring 2018

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Images online and shares on Facebook has the buzz for a planned music festival reverberating through Little Rock.

"There is not one artist on the face of this earth that we couldn't get," Cliff Aaron says.

Aaron is leading the effort for 'Fulcrum Fest," which touts possible performers like Kelly Clarkson, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon.

Aaron says those names could get bigger.

"Well, I just got off the phone with Jay-Z's folks," Aaron says while speaking about the event outside War Memorial Stadium on Wednesday.

Aaron says organizers want fans to vote on who to bring in.

According to the Fulcrum website, the one-day, multi-act event is set for next March. War Memorial stadium is listed as a *possible* site.

At this point, no venue is booked and no artist contracts have been signed.

"We are literally waiting on the fans to tell us who they want before December gets here," Aaron says.

"And, we'll get them, and they'll be here." 

During an interview, Aaron was asked to ballpark a number on how much these potential artists might get paid to come perform at Fulcrum Fest.

"Well, here's the thing," Aaron says.

"There's a usual number and there's a number that we get."

Aaron, who is a musician himself and has played in festivals like Riverfest, says some of these acts charge up to $1,000,000. But, he says discounts come from who you know.

"You have to know somebody that knows somebody and that knows somebody that knows somebody has to like you," Aaron says.

Plans for Fulcrum Fest also include tattor parlors, wine tastings and craft beer tastings with a Super Bowl-like stage.

"People that have the negative spirit about it,  they're just not used to it happening here," Aaron says.

"You usually have to leave Little Rock to have a show like this."

Aaron says tickets will be as high as $199 per person, but cheaper options will be available. He plans on revealing the headlining act soon. He also says tickets will be sold at a 30 percent discount at times leading up to the event.

There is at least one sponsor already committed to sponsoring Fulcrum Fest and is paying about $100,000, according to Aaron. He declined to reveal who the sponsor is.

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