Only in Arkansas: Xtreme BUGS

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Grasshoppers, spiders and lady bugs have found their way inside the walls and halls of the Clinton Presidential Center.

“Xtreme BUGS,” a study and celebration of some of Earth’s most fascinating inhabitants, is the newest temporary exhibit, opening on April 22.

"Extreme bugs are going to be marching, crawling, flying into the Clinton Center," says Ben Thielemier, with Clinton Center.

The exhibit stretches across two different galleries and features 20 animatronic bugs that move and make noise.

"You are going to feel like you're walking in a forest floor," he adds.

Former President Bill Clinton will be in town Friday to help open the exhibit. This doesn't happen for every exhibit, but why does the former Commander-in-Chief take such an interest in insects? Thanks to the research of Pulitzer Prize Biologist E.O. Wilson, Clinton now has a fascination for the humanistic way bugs come together.

"The greatest cooperators are ants, termites, bees, humans, chimpanzees. And it's because they are cooperators, they work together, that's why President Clinton is most interested in this topic, he talks about ants and bees all the time," Thielemier continues.

The larger-than-life exhibit may make you feel smaller than normal...

"I am a little afraid of spiders, I'll admit it, so moving in an 8-foot tarantula was a feat on its own, it did give me one nightmare," he says.

The Clinton Center exhibit will be on display through July 23.

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