Only in Arkansas: Cocoa Belle

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- A local woman is making handmade, artisan chocolate truffles in Little Rock.

Several years ago, Carmen Portillo started Cocoa Belle Chocolates.

Portillo said her inspiration came from Europe.

"I went to England when I was 19 and there was this tiny chocolate shop, itty bitty. Just marveled at the craftsmanship that this chocolatier had," she explains.

She went to school to become a chocolatier herself, coming back and starting her business. 

"I developed all of my recipes, so a lot of trial and error. My husband was an enthusiastic taste tester," Portillo continues.

Cocoa Belle is a web-based sweet spot that specializes in handmade truffles. 

"They're defiantly not M&M's," says Portillo. "I say you don't want to eat too many at one time. They are rich, but yeah you do savor it. And how I build my recipes, it kind of hits on all of those flavors if you take your time."

With the day of love nearing, this chocolatier will keep doing what she loves regardless of how late she has to work. 

"When you can do your job and time doesn't matter, that's when you know you are doing what you love," she says.

Click here for more on Cocoa Belle.

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