New EMS Technology Improves AR Patient Care

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - We've seen the art of video allow us to do some great things, and now ambulance services across the state are taking advantage too. 

Telemedicine is helping us save millions of dollars every year. 

This is just one of dozens of calls Kat takes everyday. 

She's a coordinator for the Trauma Communication Center in Little Rock. Working directly with paramedics and EMS across the state. 

"Naturally your heart your heart races and sinks when that phone rings again because you never know what it's going to be," Trauma Coordinator Kat Jendrejas said. 

She tells those ambulance drivers what hospital is the best place to go to serve their patient. 

And when things go from bad to worse, trauma coordinators make their own call. This one to the doctor and it's more of a video than a phone call. 

"The uniqness of us is getting the right patient to the right hospital the right time," said Jeff Tabor, Program Manager for the Arkansas Trauma Communication Center. 

Jeff says with the ability to video call a doctor, it's saving patients time, money, and their lives. 

"We were flying people to Louisville, St. Louis, Dallas, Oklahoma City..." Jeff said. 

And here's how the telemedicine works: 

Once an ambulance service from anywhere in Arkansas gets a patient to a hospital, they can video into a surgeon on call, and decide if immediate surgery is needed. 

"Year to date 649 hand trauma patients only 37 percent have transported to second hospital and zero have left our state," Jeff said. 

All said and done, saving Arkansans millions of dollars by decreasing flights, ground transports, and extra hospital bills. 

As Kat finishes yet another call for help she knows with her help, she's making a difference in the state she calls home. 

"Its' a lot easier for us to go home on good days like that when we know we've made a difference," Kat Jendrejas said. 

With just a quick video call. 

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