Native Arkansan's Positive Perspective As Hurricane Hits Her Florida Home

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- Irma sent a native Arkansan back to her home state this weekend. 

Cindy Snider and her husband live in Naples, Florida, which took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. 

Snider was born and raised in Batesville. 

She works as a middle school guidance counselor in Naples, Florida. 

Sunday night while evacuees filled her school for shelter in Florida, Snider sits at her sister's house in Clinton, Arkansas. 

Her sister Ginger Morgan and she looked out onto the lake behind Morgan's home Sunday. 

The calm waves outside matched Snider's calmness inside. 

"I know who's in charge. It's not Irma. It's God," Snider said. 

While Hurricane Irma barreled into her the place she has called home for more than a decade, she talked with our reporter Price McKeon. 

She said, "My biggest concern and that is what I focus on (is) our friends in Naples and making sure that they're OK."

The native Arkansan kept a positive attitude for hours as she waited to hear from friends back in Naples. 

Snider said, "They texted it is so bad out. It is so scary. My heart just breaks for them because I can't even imagine what that's like."

The couple evacuated Florida on Thursday. Snider says they were going a different sister's house in Atlanta. 

"It's normally a 9-hour drive. It was a 17-hour trip," she explained. 

Hurrican Irma's track changed so their plans did too. They ended up at her other sister's house which sits on a lake in Van Buren County. 

Her younger sister said, "All those things can be replaced but I can't replace my sister."

Morgan explained to us how her sister has been able to stay so calm and continue to have a positive perspective. 

"Cindy is a cancer survivor so she has looked at death straight in the face," Morgan said. 

Her sister said this is just another chapter for Snider and her husband. 

"There are storms out there but she's had a storm in her life and He (God) got her through that," Morgan said. 

The two said they believe God will see Cindy and her husband through Irma's aftermath too. 

Snider told us that she battled stage 3 cancer in 2014. She added her husband battled cancer at the same time she did. They both won and are with family Sunday night in Clinton, Arkansas. 

The couple said they will decide what the next step will be once they figure out if their home still stands. 

Snider said she hopes she will learn more about her neighborhood's damage once the storm passes and the sun rises on Monday. 

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