Mother Breaks Silence With Purpose 3 Years After Son Killed

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- A Little Rock mother broke her years of silence just days before she finds out if her son's killer will get out of prison. 

Essence Williams said she anxiously waited in a courtroom to hear a judge sentence the man who shot and killed her son to 20 years in prison. 

Less than 3 years after that man walked through prison doors the same mother is waiting anxiously again to see if he will get paroled. 

Simply walking outside has not been the easiest thing for Williams since April 2014. 

She held her 9-month-old grandson and said, "He has his uncle Bernard's middle name which was Daris."

While outside holding her Williams smiled and showed happiness talking about his name. 

But when we talked with her inside her family's home we learned of the painful reminder the name also brings. 

She said, "It's an open sore. It's allowed to hit you anytime. You could be riding and having fun and then just break out crying."

On April 21, 2014, her 20-year-old son Bernard Daris Sherrod was shot and killed at the apartment they shared. 

Williams said her son was sitting at home when he was shot by a man over a girl he recently met. 

She said, "I was broken. There was times they had to get me from the cemetery in the rain."

The mother opened and read from her Bible. She said learning to lean on her faith has not been easy. 

"I was so mad at God. I was angry at God," she explained. 

Now the grieving mother took the emotion and gave her son a voice. 

She said earlier this month she went to the parole hearing for the man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter back in 2014. 

"The young man got 20 years and is already up for parole and my son has only been in the ground 3 years," Williams said. 

A judge sentenced Darrell Freeman to 20 years for manslaughter in 2014. 

Bernard's mother said, "The state called it manslaughter but I call it assassination."

Williams said she prays Freeman serves his full sentence for killing her son. 

She said she has been at every court hearing and went to the Parole Board about Freeman's release. 

Williams said on Monday she expects to find out if Freeman will be paroled. 

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