More Cows Shot, Disturbing Trend Moves into Pope County

Cow, Bull Shot and Killed in Atkins This Week

Ronald J. Cook rounds up his herd Wednesday morning in Pope county.

He's one of several people in Pope and Logan counties who had cows shot and left injured or shot dead over the last two weeks.

"See that's my cows down there, too," Cook says pointing toward the back side of his property.

He owns 50 cows, spread across 150 acres. Those numbers indicate Cook is heavily invested in the bovine business.

He is, but not in the way one might think. He's not a farmer. He's a friend.

"These cows here; they're pets," Cook says.

"I don't do it for the money, I do it for the entertainment."

However, that entertainment was erased after recent gunfire left one of his cows dead this week.

"They shot her with a shotgun about four times, so, it wasn't accidental," Cook says.

"I don't know why anybody would stoop that low just to shoot a cow."

Next door to Cook, the Jamell family fells his pain. One of their Angus bulls was found dead with bulletholes this week, too.

"I told my husband I said 'Somebody shot this bull,'" Shannon Jamell says.

Shanonn and her husband Sam made the discovery in Sam's parents' field.

"They're my mother-in-law's pride and joy," Shannon says.

"And, so, to have to hear him call her and say 'Mom your bull is shot and you no longer have a black angus bull' it's very disheartening."

It's a target trend that's now stretched across two counties. Last week, the Logan county sheriff posted photos on Facebook  reporting that multiple cows had been shot in his town and offering a reward.

Now, Pope county neighbors are joining forces.

And, for Cook, it's a loss that has fueled the passion for his pasture while searching for the shooter.

"Just don't let me find them before the police do."

Cook is offering a $2,000 reward for the arrest and conviciton of whoever is responsible for shooting and killing his cow.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious is encouraged to call the Pope or Logan county sheriff's offices.

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